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Innovation and manufacture of polyurethane matrix products

Welcome to Arcesso Dynamics

We manufacture products with high technical requirements for the medical and aeronautical sectors, biological analyses, ATMs, ticketing machines, lighting and habitat.

Technology and Innovation

We’re a technological company specialising in the innovation and manufacture of polyurethane matrix products.

Our Corporate Headquarters and our Materials and Processes R&D Centre are located in the Cerdanyola del Vallès Technology Park (Barcelona).

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R & D & I

As a technology company, we’re recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.

We devote more than 10% of our turnover to R&D.

R&D&I projects

Proyecto investigación Poliuretanos (2010-2013)

Investigación para el desarrollo de nuevos Poliuretanos de Alto Valor Añadido.

Polyurethane research project (2010-2013)

Research to develop new high added value polyurethanes.

AR OPTIMPUR research project (2014-2015)

Research into UV-resistant polyurethanes.

SOLID SURFACE-PUR research project (2016-2018)

Development of new polyurethanes that are weather resistant, recyclable, reusable and with a high content of materials of biomass origin.

SOLIDPUIND research project (2018-2020)

Research into new formulations and systems to develop PU-based solid surface materials.

FoamToFoam research project (2018-2021)

Challenges Collaboration Programme. The circular economy applied to polyurethanes.

NEXSOLID 4.0 research project (2021-2023)

Research into new solid surface formulations and innovation of PU-based solid surface systems.

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Obtained and patented as a result of our research projects.


Development of bi-density polyurethanes

Solid surface industrialisation

Development of industrial systems to manufacture PU-based solid surface products.

Solid Surface Technology

Development of rigid polyurethanes based on aliphatic isocyanates: a solid surface product.
Trademark registered by Covestro

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New rigid expanded polyurethanes with two clearly differentiated densities in the same piece. A high or compact density that’s 2 to 5 mm thick on the outside and a medium or low density, from 200 to 800 g/cm3, as appropriate, on the inside or core.

Thanks to this feature, the piece is structured like a sandwich, substantially improving its physical properties, especially in terms of breaking strength and temperature resistance.

Bi-density is achieved in a single injection phase, which means that production is greatly optimised, unlike other systems in which two injections or two different pieces or materials are applied and assembled.

Products made with the bi-density system

Polyurethane-based solid surface products with aliphatic isocyanates

Solid surface products are manufactured using polyurethane with aliphatic isocyanates. Such pieces don’t need any coating to be UV-resistant. By incorporating mineral or organic fillers, superior properties are achieved than with conventional solid surfaces.

In addition, the bi-density technology developed by us enables a radical reduction in weight.

Solid surface products manufactured with aliphatic isocyanate polyurethane are more environmentally sustainable

Rigid polyurethane (aliphatic)
No paint finish
Solid surface
Environmentally sustainable
Healthy surface

Environmental properties

Resistant to ultraviolet light (UV). Thanks to their components, the polyurethane pieces do NOT require superimposed layers for protection against oxidation (yellowing), consequently eliminating the pollutants involved in such processes; i.e. the emission of VOCs (solvents) and solid particles, as well as reducing the energy required to carry out these processes (electricity consumption = CO2 emissions).

100% recyclable. Micronised mineral solid fillers are incorporated from industrial sub-processes, as well as from obsolete parts (end of life) which, without this new process, would have inevitably ended up in incinerators.

Used to manufacture products that are NOT toxic for the environment.

Used to manufacture products of biomass origin.

Lightweight. Less weight, lower carbon footprint, reduction in CO2.

Less dense, due to the expansive effect, which makes it a thermally insulating product, improving energy efficiency.

Solid Surface products

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